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The Groovystuff "Vail Chair" by Mike Herbert
The Groovystuff "Vail Chair" by Mike Herbert. A rustic modern lounge chair Bond could feel comfortable in. Meet the Designer: Mike Herbert is a junior at Columbia College Chicago majoring in product design and film/video. He is inspired by historic design, and the meanings...Read More
The Groovystuff "Ole Corral Stand" by Matt Mitchner
The Groovystuff "Ole Corral Stand" by Matt Mitchner. Enter the Vast Prairie with The Ole' Corral. It's natural aged look will succumb your soul with Old West nostalgia. The Ole' Corral has mature beauty of a piece from simpler times. Store your wine in a piece that ages just as...Read More
The Groovystuff "Savana Nature Rack" by Eric Sia
The Groovystuff "Savana Nature Rack" by Eric Sia. "Nature is simple, it can exists in a grand scale or in the smallest details, it is authentic, elegant ,and pure. Sometimes nature provides a gift, an inspiration to bring together the most unique combinations of Mother natures...Read More
The Groovystuff "Orion Valet Stand" by Doug Liang
The Groovystuff "Orion Valet Stand" by Doug Liang. "Stand with your Best Foot Forward." Meet the Designer: Doug Liang. "This crazy journey we call life is full of options, and sometimes the best ones are not always right in front of us. The way you dress is no different, and...Read More
The Groovystuff "Georganic Coffee Table" by Kelsey Rasmussen
The Groovystuff "Georganic Coffee Table" by Kelsey Rasmussen. This live-edge, free-form coffee table captures earth’s geometric and organic elements while obtaining balance within and without. Meet the Designer: An Art + Design degree at Columbia College Chicago has allowed me...Read More
The Groovystuff "Woodbridge Coffee" Table by Danny Grokulsky
The Groovystuff "Woodbridge Coffee" Table by Danny Grokulsky. "The thoughtful sharpe lines of the legs and the spontaneous organic lines in the table top come together to create this eye catching coffee table." Meet the Designer: Danny Grokulsky. "I have always had an artistic...Read More
The Groovystuff "Kita Collection" by Joe Savage
The Groovystuff "Kita Collection" by Joe Savage. "Kita: A seat or restful place, a place of meditation. A place to rest. Kita is a modern rustic bench designed to take Groovystuffs’ product line in a modern direction. Kita will comfortably sit three people across. Kita is a...Read More
The Groovystuff "Camber Collection" by Gary Meyer
The Groovystuff "Camber Collection" by Gary Meyer. "Camber: A slightly convex or arc shape, slight sideways or inclination. Constructed out of reclaimed teak, wagon wheel parts, and branches of eucalyptus, Camber is a conversation starting center piece for your living room,...Read More
The Groovystuff "Sunburst Collection" by Alice Jou
The Groovystuff "Sunburst Collection" by Alice Jou. "The rustic end table gets a modern makeover" Inspired by rays of sunlight being emitted from the sun, the Sunburst end table features a wood surface containing dark reclaimed wood trimming and circular centerpiece, surrounded...Read More
The Groovystuff "Ascension Bar Table Set" by Zachary Ernst
The Groovystuff "Ascension Bar Table Set" by Zachary Ernst was designed "through visual balance and suspension. Ascension uses an aged teak stump suspended as a visual weight to represent the weight and longevity of a tree. Reused wagon wheel rim iron comes up as if growing like...Read More
The Groovystuff "Bubbles Vanity" by Xuemei Yuan
The Groovystuff "Bubbles Vanity" by Xuemei Yuan "was inspired by soap bubbles. The focus of the "Bubbles Vanity" is to bring modern aesthetic elements into the bedroom and make people realize the usefulness of discarded materials through using teak wood and wagon wheel rim iron...Read More
The Groovystuff "Villageois" Coffee Table" by Lee Cooper
The Groovystuff "Villageois" Coffee Table by Lee Cooper "is a clean, rustic accent piece to a living room or den. The gently rolling steel has subtle curves that reflect upon the ornate steel gates that initially fueled the inspiration for this piece. The base of the table...Read More
The Groovystuff "Stos Two End Table" by Heather Kamper
The Groovystuff "Stos Two End Table" by Heather Kamper "is a set of nesting end tables made out of re-purposed teak wood and eucalyptus segments. A zigzag pattern runs across the top and down the sides of the tables. The circular pattern is made out of the cut eucalyptus...Read More
The Groovystuff "Sun and Vine Mirror" by David Goggans
The "Sun and Vine Mirror" by David Goggans "is inspired by the sun, its energy, and its rays. The "Sun and Vine Mirror" utilizes eucalyptus segments, teak wood, and teak branches. The eucalyptus bleeds into the mirror portion providing a nice reflection." Meet the Designer: "...Read More
The Groovystuff "Xylophone Bench"  by Jan Bualoy
"Xylophone Bench" by Janejira Bualoy was "inspired by the Thai xylophone and is designed with dried branches giving a closer feeling to nature. The Xylophone table was designed as a multipurpose coffee table or bench and features a decorative storage space." Meet the Designer:...Read More
The Groovystuff Teak Bull Chair by Ath Supoprnchai
The Teak Bull" by Ath Supomchai. "Teak Bull" is a combination of words which mean "a bull made from teak wood. The chair represents the characteristics of how magnificent and strong the bull is through its form and structure, most particularly in the leg structure. Once when I...Read More
Groovystuff "Penumbra" Table Lamp by Zac Green
By Zac Green
"The Penumbra lamp by Zac Green is a base of planed reclaimed teak and glass or clear acrylic walls. Inside the cube are interesting twigs and sticks that creates a shadow from the light concealed int he center of the wooden base. The shadow that is created causes great interest...Read More
Groovystuff "Rise" table lamp by Yue Dai
By Yue Dai
"RiSe" by Yue Dai, is a growing looking wall lamp which can fit to both inside and outside of an entrance. This lamp is 33" wide and 39" tall. Based on a half wagon wheel, the aligned curvy teak spread out, emulating the rising sun. Without taking too much space of your room, "...Read More
Groovystuff "NauTeak 90" Table Lamp by T.J. Eads
By T.J. Eads
The "NauTeak 90," By T.J. Eads is a lamp designed to fit into any modern rustic atmosphere. It's 90 degree frame allows the lamp to nest into the corner of your favorite room. Through its industrial looking frame, the light casts a calm and relaxed ambiance. "It took a few steps...Read More
Groovystuff "Pearl" table lamp by Sishi Zhou
By Sishi Zhou
The "Pearl" table lamp by Shishi Zhou can fit in any environment. This lamp will bring the warmness felling to the house. And the unique design will bring joy to you and your friends. When I design this lamp, I really want to give people not only a lamp, but also a decoration...Read More
Groovystuff "Lotus" chandelier by Scott Thorne
By Scott Thorne
The "Lotus" light fixture by Scott Thorne utilizes reclaimed teak planks and iron scraps from wagon parts. There are many aesthetic options available for the light. The wood parts could easily be made from iron or visa versa. The overall shape can be octagonal as shown or...Read More
Groovystuff "Stickwork" by Sally Blumke
By Sally Blumke
The "Stickwork"lamp by Sally Lolene Bluemke, is a standard desk lamp that was inspired by the world renown artist Patrick Dougherty. I was inspired by the intricate and elegant weaving done by Dougherty, and implemented a similar technique in the center of the lamp base. ""...Read More
Groovystuff"Lucidity" by Ryan Screes
By Ryan Screes
"The "Lucidity" table lamp by Ryan Screes, is an elegant example of beauty found in nature. The lamp itself is a cross section of a log with the bark still intact along the edges. The diagonal cuts give "Lucidity" a flattering shape that is interconnected with steel tubing. The...Read More
Groovystuff "Sep" floor lamp by Ruishan Cao
By Ruishan Cao
The "Sep" floor lamp by Ruishan Cao, is a floor lamp with two illuminating parts. Just like its name: Short for SEPARATION," the main part is made of two tree branches with similar form. They face each other but slope in opposite directions. Each branch has a lampshade that...Read More
Groovystuff ""Shissil" table by Ross Brinkman
By Ross Brinkman
"Shissil" by Ross Brinkman, is a coffee table influenced by the organic nature of wood. The 8 foot long table has a carved teak underside that creates a heavy visual while contrasting with the light glass top. The plate gives users a chance to take a glimpse at the innards of "...Read More
Groovystuff "Array" Lamp by Robert Beien
By Robert Beien
"The "Array" desk lamp by Richard Beien, is designed to split light. Constructed from one single log split into 8 similar pieces. "Array" aims to capture and dispense light with an intrinsic illumination. Within "Array" there is a small light fixture contained by a rice paper...Read More
Groovystuff ""ArcheLamp" by Patrick Fiori
By Patrick Fiori
"The "ArcheLamp" by Patrick Fiori is a lathe-turned table lamp that is composed of multiple teak branches adhered together with fiber glass resin. This unique design gives new life to the classic table lamp form." "The light bulb on the inside of the hollow shade casts beautiful...Read More
Groovystuff "Kindle" Floor Lamp by Michelle Kuo
By Michelle Kuo
The "Kindle" floor lamp by Michelle Kuo, is an elegant yet daring design that transcends the typical floor lamp. The lamp is designed to fit into any environment due to its classic and clean look. It's sustainable design, and rejuvinated reclaimed teak from Thailand give the "...Read More
Groovystuff "Stalaktos" Chandelier by Kenneth Hsieh
By Kenneth Hsieh
"The "Stalaktos" chandelier by Kenneth Hsieh, is a suspended lighting fixture made for pool tables. The name is derived from the term stalactite which refers to the structures found on the roof of caves. The light is suspended by four wires connected at the ends. The material is...Read More
Groovystuff "Sovereign" Lamp by Johnny Lee
By Johnny Lee
"The "Sovereign" table lamp by Johnny Lee, is a table lamp designed with three branches that intersect. These branches extend upwards and help the lampshade create a floating effect. The circular wooden base provides stability to keep the lamp upright. A slight asymmetry between...Read More
Groovystuff "Trilamp" by David Weiand
By David Weiand
"The "Trilamp" by David Weiand is constructed of three teak legs with a 1 in diameter. The height of the lamp is 18 inches. The lampshade takes 10 inches of height and leaves 8 inches of space below. The light bulb is suspended in the middle of the lampshade by wires. The cord...Read More
Groovystuff "Navalis" Lamp by Dan Zahari
By Dan Zaharia
"The "Navalis" Lamp by Dan Zaharia primary element is a section of teak branch left exactly as it came from nature. The branch is stabilized by three reclaimed nails, which easily create a stable plane on which to support the lamp. The actual luminescent element of the design...Read More
Groovystuff "Accord" wall scontz by Liz Barrett
By Liz Barrett
The "Accord" wall sconce by Liz Barrett is meant to be made from portions of discarded wagon wheels. Each of the five segments is a piece of a wheel sliced at a certain depth to maintain a slight yet ever-changing curve that gives the piece its appeal. The lighting would be a...Read More
The Running Waters Lamp by Rachel French
By Rachel French
Flowing water provides an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity. The inspiration for this piece stems from the idea of incorporating the cascading lines and movements of running water. The driftwood pieces, which can be viewed as either ascending or descending down the base,...Read More
The Radial Lamp by Eliza Hallock
By Eliza Hallock
With her design, Eliza stayed with the rustic and natural look of Dick Idol and GROOVYSTUFF products while modernizing the design to appeal to a wider variety of consumers. A series of cut eucalyptus disks in varying diameters are placed on a wooden frame to form the base. Space...Read More
The Wood Cut Barrel Lamp by Katie Long
By Katie Long
Katie tried to incorporate the rustic feel of Groovystuff with her lamp by using very dark and bold colors. Since the barrel is the main focus, she added wooden circular dots to surround the barrel in order to give it a spark of more modern design. The barrel is cut into 2...Read More
The Suture Fix Table by Cassie Bradfield
By Cassie Bradfield
Inspired to create a graceful blend between the rich character of the Groovystuff reclaimed teak wood and the slick surfaces of modern furniture, I sought to create harmony between the two worlds by celebrating the natural beauty found in eucalyptus and teak wood by framing the...Read More
The Modular Stacking Table by Kacie Leisure
By Kacie Leisure
The Modular Stacking Table by Kacie Leisure was inspired by the wagon wheel rim. She took the wheel's curvature and applied the shape to wooden teak boards. This provides a sleek and sophisticated look that allows each piece to be identical. These pieces are then stacked in a...Read More
The Halcyon Bed by Chelsea Byers
By Chelsea Byers
hal-cy-on [hal-see-uhn] – adjective – 1. Calm; peaceful 2. Rich; wealthy; prosperous The goal when designing Halcyon was to create a bed frame that would look rustic and close to nature in a cabin environment. The result was a fframe using Teak branches and antique teak...Read More
The Pathos Patio Chair by Brent Dutton
By Brent Dutton
The Boldly designed teak Pathos chair is at home equally in nature or on a contemporary patio. Inspired by asian ox-carts, the Pathos offers a comfortable place to relax with an “antique modern” feel. It is constructed with re-purposed heavy ox-cart wagon wheels and held...Read More
The Hub Drop Table by Jayson D’Alessandro
By Jayson D’Alessandro
The Hub Drop wagon wheel coffee table was inspired by existing teak wagon wheel furniture. Keeping in mind the welfare of society, Jason attempts to incorporate both sustainable and socially responsible ways of thinking into his designs. This design is intended to use as much...Read More
Shasta Teak Desk by Joe Loco
By Joe Loco
The Shasta Teak Desk blends both rustic materials with contemporary styling. By combining the use of reclaimed farming tools with modern aesthetics, I achieved a visual curiosity. This compels the user to want to learn more about the history of the product and the story of the...Read More
Balance Table by Jeremy Maher
By Jeremy Maher
This design incorporates the rustic feel of the Dick Idol and Groovystuff brands into a contemporary interpretation. While the base utilizes reclaimed teak wagon wheel parts and an antique plow is used for the decorative handle and center support, the top is milled clean, giving...Read More
Stasis Coffee Table by Lee Beatrous
By Lee Beatrous
Stasis, literally meaning “a balance” is one of the newest collections added to the Groovystuff furniture line. Brought to you by designers Lee Beatrous and Chris Bruning, The Stasis living room collection represents the branding partnership between Dick Idol Legends and...Read More
Deschutes Bench
By Shelly Walbert
The Deschutes bench, inspired by the river which shares its name, showcases the beauty of raw teak through contemporary rustic design. The Deschutes River is named from the French phrase "le riviere des chutes” meaning “the River of Falls”. The Deschutes follows a path of...Read More
Echo Collection
By Alex Parker
By definition “echo” is a close, parallel, or repetition of an idea, feeling, style, or event. The echo line uses repetition of a shape within itself to create an overall cohesive and comfortable piece, but it also demonstrates some rustic qualities from a lost era in a new and...Read More
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